MMEC Mannesmann LLC has signed a Strategic Alliance agreement with AVL Schrick GmbH

It is my great pleasure to announce that MMEC Mannesmann LLC has signed a Strategic Alliance agreement with AVL Schrick GmbH to explore and build the next generation world leading electrolyzer technology in the UAE. The signing ceremony between the two renowned companies held at the premises of MMEC Mannesmann LLC in Abu Dhabi last week. 

The strategic alliance aims to establish the manufacture of electrolyzers for the Multi-GW hydrogen production in UAE by 2030 using the next-generation electrolyzer technology for the implementation in hydrogen and synthetic fuel production in particular based on Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cell or SOEC technology in the UAE with very significant efficiency benefits of up to 90%. 

AVL Schrick GmbH is one of the worlds advocates and pioneers in the development of various technologies to achieve the net-zero CO2 vision. The daughter company of the Austrian world-leading technology developer AVL List GmbH is renowned for its development of Hydrogen & Fuel Technology, SOEC, Synthetic Fuel systems and various innovative technologies supporting a sustainable future. As a technology integrator, MMEC has signed a strategic alliance with AVL in integrating AVL’s SOEC-based electrolyzer technology in the UAE to support the UAE’s manufacturing vision to produce hydrogen owing to the local & international increasing market demands. 

We wish to express our sincerest gratitude to the UAE Ministry of Industry & Advanced Technology (MOIAT) for their full and utmost support till this very day and for making this initiative possible. Please standby as a special, and a big announcement is yet to come which will take place during the ADIPEC 2022.